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Gary M. Perkins

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Closet Governor now available at iUniverse.com
A peeping tom, death threats and a young gay reporter make a closeted governor's first months in office a living hell.


Closet Governor

Our price: $15.95
Format: Paperback
Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 232
ISBN: 0-595-32604-8
Published: Aug-2004
Other Formats:  Hard Cover  |  Adobe eBook

Closet Governor wins Editors Choice listing with iUniverse.

iUniverse editorial review wrote: "This is a wonderful book that works well on so many levels; it can entertain a wide circle of readers beyond the gay demographic: it’s a taut, tense thriller; it’s a “waiting-to-exhale” coming-out narrative; it’s a wonderfully imagined behind-the-scenes look at a life of a fictional American public official; it’s a psychological allegory of the rewards that we glean when we progress from the realms of self-estrangement and deception to acceptance and self-realization."

Gary M. Perkins

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